CSA Level Three (Senior Skills Coach)

Experienced and suitably qualified Level II coaches (revised 2005 course) are nominated annually by their respective Affiliates and need to be at least 25 years of age to attend this particular course.

Cricket South Africa (Coaching Department) reserves the right to invite or select individuals at its discretion to enable such candidates to become competent senior club, provincial youth and Academy coaches. The course covers technical/tactical aspects of the game and includes more advanced topics and principles of sport science and medicine. Emphasis is also placed on skill assessment methods to assist the coach with individual technique analysis, error detection and fault correction.

Course duration: A 4-day, 28-hour course.

Evaluation: The theoretical assessment consists of a pre- and post-course assignment, a 2-hour written examination and an individual interview by a coaching panel while the practical evaluation includes video analysis, a one-on-one coaching session and the presentation of a squad training programme.

Certification: The qualification and certification process lasts 12 months from registration.
CSA Level Four (High Performance Cricket)

This is the highest coaching qualification currently obtainable in South Africa and is mainly for professional, career coaches working within the national and domestic professional structures. Attendance is by CSA invitation only. The emphasis and focus is mainly on team and individual game plans, analyzing the opposition and different conditions and the use of technology. Successful candidates will be qualified to undertake cricket coaching at its highest possible level.

Course duration: 35 hours/5 days

Evaluation: A detailed pre-course assignment, 4-hour written examination, individual interview and a practical session that includes opposition analysis and game plans.

Certification: 12 Months from start of course.

Standard requirements: Candidates will require a minimum of 70%, both overall and for practical components, at each level.

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