Coaching Newsletters

The CSA Coaching Department launched its official newsletter “The PowerPlay” at the end of January 2009, in a further attempt to drive the regional offices to circulate similar regional publications serving their own individual needs. The 5th edition of the newsletter is in the process of being circulated at the moment.

It is pleasing to report that there are now currently 10 provincial newsletters in circulation containing coaching tips, regional news & information, activity schedules, etc.

These are namely; 
    • The Eastern Cape Coaches Forum Newsletters (separate issues for the SWD, EP and Border regions) – 4 issues each to date; 
    • ‘Behind Square’ – the newsletter of the Gauteng Cricket Coaches Association – 3rd issue due shortly. 
    • ‘The Nightwatchman’ - KZN Inland quarterly – 2 issues thus far; 
    • ‘Diamond Cutter’ by Griqualand West – 2 issues; 
    • ‘The Leading Edge’ – newsletter of NCU – 4th issue due middle March; 
    • ‘HowZit’ – the Free State quarterly – 2 issues distributed already; 
    • ‘The Sticky Wicket’ was launched by Mpumalanga in December 2009. 
    • ‘Covers’ – monthly newsletter of the NWCA – February represented the 5th issue.

These newsletters are distributed via the provincial databases to affiliated schools and clubs countrywide and these provide valuable information to school, club and private academy coaches.

This has certainly been one of the major successes for the coaching department in the past year and is a most encouraging and pleasing aspect that will make a significant difference to the standard of our coaching and coaches in South Africa. The vision is to eventually have every affiliate/associate producing and circulating its very own newsletter on a regular basis.

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