We live in the most exciting era of sporting development. A time when full contact sport no longer holds centre stage. It is a passage of time when the art of sport is appreciated over the physicality of competition. Today, latent skills and blossoming talent has a place amongst our youth and the generations to come. It is now the subtle brilliance of deftness, the art of touch, mastery of stroke and pure strategic guile that has turned cricket into the sport of the future.

Today cricket is the stage for mental agility and peak physical condition. It is purity of both mind and spirit that produces champions. The re-invention of cricket globally has rejuvenated a desire to master the ultimate game. A sense of camaraderie pursued by both men and women alike. It's now a passion for gamesmanship, integrity, honesty and fair play. It is a game that can be embraced and played or supported by everyone.

We can’t undo the past, but we can shape the future. We do what we do today in cricket, for what will happen TOMORROW.


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