Empowering SA Cricket

Until unification in 1991, South African cricket was divided on racial lines for more than 100 years, with Blacks being historically disadvantaged at all levels of the game and Black Africans the worst off of all. For this reason, the transformation (or empowerment) of South African cricket is paramount in all we do and is the cornerstone of our vision and our constitution.

South African cricket voluntarily adopted its own Transformation Charter in 1998, and followed this with a Transformation Policy to guide stakeholders on the operational implementation of the Charter. Going with the morality of transformation, was also the realisation that South African cricket could only reach its full potential if it developed and used all the human resources available to it.

As a result of this, Cricket South Africa developed a vision that incorporated these elements. Consequently, the vision of Cricket South Africa is to make South African cricket a truly national sport of winners.

This vision has two key elements to it:

  1. Cricket has to be supported and played by the majority of South Africans for it to be a truly national sport.
  2. To be a truly national sport of winners means that we have to build capacity at levels, especially in the previously disadvantaged communities for historical reasons.

Affirmative action is a principle accepted and implemented by all structures of Cricket South Africa. It is a temporary measure to rectify the imbalances of the past and will remain in place until there is equal  opportunity to play and advance in cricket.

Capacity building remains the key to unlock South Africa's true cricketing potential, and this is the base of both our amateur cricket initiatives and our high performance programmes. We have set transformation targets for all representative cricket, and these are monitored on a match-by match basis.

However, the transformation of South African cricket is not confined to on-the-field activities, but is an ingredient of all of Cricket South Africa's activities. The majority of Cricket South Africa's turnover is spent on empowerment through amateur cricket, mainly for the previously disadvantaged.

Cricket South Africa's Black empowerment levels in percentages this past year were:

  • General Council: 66%
  • Permanent Staff: 63%
  • Domestic professional cricket: 56%
  • Domestic amateur and youth representative cricket: 60%
  • Senior and junior national representative cricket: 52%
  • Women's senior and junior representative cricket: 54%

Cricket South Africa has procurement policies that require BEE involvement, and more than 80% of these contracts now comply with this policy. South African cricket is based on empowerment because we know this is the way to realise our vision of becoming a truly national sport of winners.


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