2012/2013 KFC Mini-Cricket is launched
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Sunday, 14 October 2012

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KFC launched its third year of involvement in the KFC Mini-Cricket programme at a festival held at Sacred Heart College, Observatory with 250 kids getting active on the field. KFC partnered with Cricket South Africa (CSA) in 2010 with the aim of reaching as many children as possible between the ages of 3 and 13 to promote an active and balanced lifestyle.


The focus thisseason will be the KFC Mini-Cricket kids ambassador search which will get kids encouraging other kids to join the programme and for kids already in the programme to play more frequently. Last year the KFC Mini-Cricket programme grew from 83 000 kids to over 100 000 kids playing in the programme.“This season we will ensure that we maintain and improve the quality of cricket played by the children and will continue to encourage enrolment. A main focus for this season will be the growth of KFC Mini-Cricket into rural communities.”Niels Momberg, Youth Cricket Manager at CSA.


The KFC Mini-Cricket kids ambassador search will take place at the 16 provincial festivals with live audition areas where the most charismatic and energetic children will be chosen to be ambassadors for the programme.  These ambassadors will work with KFC’s Mini-Cricket ambassador AB de Villiers to get more kids playing cricket.


AB De Villiers has been an ambassador of KFC Mini-Cricket since 2010 and is an inspiration to the kids involved.  “Everyone needs an introduction into a particular sport and we couldn’t ask for a better way than to be involved in KFC Mini-Cricket. I believe this season will entice even more kids into the programme and I bet it will unearth some characters as ambassadors.  I will have to work hard to keep my position as the ambassador.”


Chief Marketing Officer of KFC, Dave Timm, said of the new campaign:  “We are immensely proud of our involvement with KFC Mini-Cricket and what we have achieved to date and this season will be even more entertaining for the kids.  KFC encourages active and balanced lifestyles for children and each season we look at ensuring that the kids have fun outdoors.”


Former Proteas player Neil McKenzie and his wife Kerry,together with their two kids attended the launch in support of the programme.  “Cricket has had a major and wonderful impact on my life, and will continue to do so and both Kerry and I want our kids to develop a love for the game as early as possible.  Who knows, perhaps my son and daughter will one day be professionals like their father and grand-father!”


The 2012/13 KFC Mini-Cricket season promises to be an unforgettable one and both KFC and CSA have committed to continuing to build the programmewell into the future


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