SK Patel passes away
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Monday, 12 November 2012

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S K PATEL, an esteemed and valued Patron of the KZNCU since 1991, passed away on 11 November, 2012 at the age of 90.


He was a doyen of the well known Bharat Cricket Club in Durban. He served the lub with great zeal and distinction as a player and an administrator for well over half a century, holding the post of secretary, treasurer and president during this long period.


A father figure, humble, polite and generous, he steered the club through many lean financial years. The Durban and District Cricket Union and the Natal Cricket Board were also fortunate enough to secure his services as treasurer for well over a decade. His dedication, commitment and longevity of service to a game he loved deeply are quite without parallel.


He was the treasurer of the Natal Cricket Board for 14 consecutive years from 1977/8 until 1990/1 when the Natal Cricket Board combined with the Natal Cricket Association to form the then Natal Cricket Union at the launch of the unity process.


The 14 year period of his tenure as the Board’s treasurer was fraught with financial difficulty. With little or no sponsorship to speak of, to enable the Board to function as a viable proposition and to meet it’s commitment as a competing province in the national Howa and Booley Bowl competitions, was a Herculean effort.


SK Patel played a pivotal role in keeping the Board financially afloat and enabling it to meet all its obligations. His persuasiveness in keeping the Board’s various creditors at bay in those stringent days became legendary.


He carried himself with great dignity. He was soft spoken, modest and unassuming. He was the very epitome of a thorough gentleman. He will always be respected and remembered for his sterling contribution to the game in difficult times.


The funeral will take place today at 16h00 at the Clare Estate Crematorium.


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