CSA statement on illegal bowling actions
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Wednesday, 26 December 2012

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CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) has decided to place two young bowlers, Prenelan Subrayen of KwaZulu-Natal and Solomzi Nqweni of Eastern Province, under rehabilitation. They will consequently not be permitted to bowl in first-class cricket for this period as their actions have been deemed to be illegal following two independent tests.


These tests were carried out by the Australian Institute of Sport and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa at the request of the International Cricket Council (ICC) after their actions came under scrutiny at the ICC under-19 World Cup in Australia in August.


“There is a standard protocol we have for dealing with matters of this nature,” commented Corrie van Zyl, CSA General Manager: Cricket. “In the case of Prenelan the situation has been complicated by the fact that he suffered a bad dislocation of his bowling shoulder several years ago and this has contributed to the current problem. He thus needs to undergo both shoulder rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation of his bowling action.


“The two provinces will take charge of the rehab process of their players. CSA will make all its facilities available to assist the process, including the High Performance Centre and its personnel. There will also be input available from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.


“We have every confidence that the rehab process will be successful and that these two talented young cricketers will be able to continue their promising careers in the near future,” concluded Van Zyl.


KZNCU CEO Jesse Chellan commented: “We fully support the procedure that CSA is carrying out. During this time Prenelan will continue to be involved in cricket as a batsman and will play in this capacity at the franchise Cubs Week next month.”


EP Cricket CEO Dave Emslie commented: “This proactive move by CSA is to be applauded. They have shown utmost professionalism in their handling of the matter. I am confident that with their assistance in the rehabilitation of these players they will both emerge better cricketers and be able to continue their promising careers unabated.”


The following is the basic timeline for the rehab programme that will be followed to correct their actions:


  • The players will be receiving intensive coaching of their bowling actions
  • The players will be re-tested as soon as the panel of bowling experts working with the players feel the bowler is fully rehabilitated

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