A fun guide to South African cricket written for children
Posted by: CSA Staff on Thursday, 14 February 2013

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Cricket South Africa (CSA) in conjunction with publishing house Pearsons and the developers of ZAC, Sunrise Productions, have launched a cricket book for children called Play Cricket. 

Play Cricket is an entertaining, informative guide to South African cricket. 

It shows children the fun, excitement and challenges of the game.  Besides basic information about bowling, batting and fielding, Play Cricket covers the laws of the game, the basics of setting fields, and the preparation required before games.  It is filled with facts, colourful illustrations, photographs and quizzes. 

Aspirant cricketers will gain knowledge of all aspects of the game, including the history of cricket, both abroad and in South Africa.  Photographs, stats and information about the current Proteas give young cricketers the opportunity to learn more about their cricketing heroes. 

This book is aimed at empowering youngsters aged 8 to 14 years, but even the most seasoned player and coach will acknowledge, there is always something worth remembering when it comes to cricket!


“One of the challenges of cricket is that it is a very complex game and it is not easy to come to terms with all its intricacies,” commented CSA Acting CEO Jacques Faul. “We are extremely grateful to Pearsons and Sunrise Productions for the work they have done to make this publication possible.


“It will play an important role in introducing our future stars to our great game and generally educating future generations in the finer points of the game and its rich heritage and traditions.”


It is available from all leading bookstores and online retailers.


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