PCT statement on the dismissal of Jacques Kallis
Posted by: CSA Staff on Friday, 15 February 2013

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The Playing Control Team (PCT) of the second Test between South Africa and Pakistan has issued the following statement on the dismissal of Jacques Kallis:

“The PCT made an honest error in this extremely rare situation. The umpires followed usual umpiring principles in giving Kallis out lbw on umpire’s call the review was for the batsman out caught. This is because the normal principle is that an appeal covers all forms of dismissal.

“However, the playing conditions state that when the third umpire observes that the batsman could be out by another mode of dismissal, the decision being reviewed using DRS should be as if the batsman had been originally given not out.  Therefore, in this instance Kallis, as the point of impact was umpire’s call, should not have been given out lbw.”


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