Cricket SA launches Mxit app
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Friday, 1 March 2013

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CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) on Friday launched its first mobile-only community, lovecricket, on Mxit today. Mxit is South Africa’s largest mobile social network.


The app gives fans match details, player profiles, match scores, news, polls and an opportunity to have their say.


Naasei Appiah, CSA Acting CEO, commented: “The success of our Facebook and Twitter profiles have proven to us that cricketing fans are keen to connect with the national team and stay in touch with the game, even if they can’t be in the stadium. As a mobile app, lovecricket, expands on our social media success by giving more people the chance to become part of the conversation. Mxit’s natural inclusivity – because it works across feature and smart phones – made it the perfect platform for us to keep increasing awareness and growing our fan base.”


Mxit is a downloadable social chat application that works on over 3 000 mobile devices from a standard Nokia to a high-end Samsung.


CSA’s plans for the lovecricket community include up-to-the-minute live scoring, sharing the comments from Mxit users on screens at the games, giving fans the chance to chat to players via Mxit and running competitions through the app. 


Currently the app mirrors the scoring information in the Twitter feed. On match days the Twitter feed averages around 40 score-focused tweets to keep fans updated on the match.


Vincent Maher, CMO of Mxit, commented: “The scoring functionality is an important part of this app. Getting background information on players or games is great but the real engagement and excitement will be built by giving fans the sense that they are right there at the stadium. Once the real time scoring is added I cant’ imagine a better mobile way to stay close to a game.”


Lovecricket’s launch coincides with today’s first KFC T20 international game between South Africa and Pakistan at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead. “This will give our new Mxit fans the chance to really experience how the app can keep them close to the players and the game as it is being played,” said Appiah.


To download Mxit please go to on your mobile browser. To add lovecricket please go to


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