CSA launches Coaching Conference
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Monday, 19 August 2013

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CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) on Monday launched its four-day Coaching Conference which is expected to have a significant impact on the way the game is developed at all levels in the future.


“Obviously it is impossible to get every single coach to the conference,” commented CSA General Manager: Cricket Corrie van Zyl. “But we will have in attendance all our national coaches and consultants, the franchise and semi-professional coaches and the coaching managers of all our affiliates to ensure that we develop a synergy that can be taken back to every level of coaching, including our club and youth structures.


“Coaching is such an important part of our talent development pipeline and it is important that we have a uniform structure with buy-in from coaches at all levels.


“Some of the key areas to be addressed are the CSA pipeline strategy, the key performance areas for coaches and a coaching philosophy which includes equipping coaches with the necessary tools to address the challenges associated with transformation.


“This is only the beginning of the process,” concluded Van Zyl. “We will be taking the momentum forward from here to the CSAS CEO’s meeting later this month and then next month to the transformation symposium and the CSA Cricket Committee.”



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