CSA launches drive for accelerated change
Posted by: CSA on Saturday, 14 September 2013

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CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) launched a drive for cultural change through its commitment to its values at its two-day indaba that concluded in Johannesburg on Saturday.


“We have to adapt to the changing demands of the market that we serve,” commented CSA CEO Haroon Lorgat. “This is the only way to ensure our own sustainability, relevance and a competitive edge. That applies to all areas of our business across the broadest possible spectrum from the playing fields to funding and corporate governance.


“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that everybody has bought into the need for change following discussions that were totally aligned with our key values of honesty, professionalism and fair play; of doing the right thing and putting the game first.


“In the past there may have been a fear or resistance to change but that is clearly being overcome.


“The key messages that have come through from the delegates are the need for accelerated change, strong policy direction, the unblocking of structures and a mind-set and a state of heart that will develop a principled culture in all areas of our operations.”


CSA President Chris Nenzani commented: “We need to look at where the journey has taken us so far and where we want to go. This is a journey that involves all of us to take cricket to where it needs to be. We have already taken our corporate governance to a new level which represents a promising start to this journey.”


The indaba took place against an understanding of the demands within a changing environment that called for a reflective scrutiny.


More than 120 delegates from CSA’s Affiliates and Associates and officials from Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) were in attendance.


The discussions led by CSA Board members and knowledgeable members from the cricket fraternity enabled frank, honest and open debate. Their dynamic leadership qualities allowed the conference to arrive at a clear understanding of the way forward.


The consensus on most matters allowed the conference to arrive at a clear understanding of the way forward.


This consensus has provided the flexibility for CSA to pursue issues that will promote:


  • On the field excellence
  • Democratic and representative structures
  • Good Governance
  • Financial Stability




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