CSA opts for incentive based transformation policy
Posted by: CSA Staff on Saturday, 12 October 2013

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THE Board of Directors of Cricket South Africa (CSA) met on Friday, ahead of its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, and adopted a combination of incentive-driven and sanction-based policies to accelerate the development of black African players. The decision was arrived at following wide ranging resolutions put forward at last month’s Transformation Indaba.  This means that, with effect from October 16, 2013: 

  • All Franchises that play more than one black African player for more than 70 percent of the matches across all three formats will be reimbursed the average contract cost of the qualified Black African players. Franchises are expected to have at least one Black African player in their starting line-ups.
  • All semi-professional teams that play more than two black African players for more than 70 percent of the matches across all three formats will be reimbursed the average contract cost of the qualified Black African players. Semi-professional teams are expected to have at least two Black African players in their starting line-ups.
  • All Affiliate teams and squads below Franchise and semi-professional level, including youth cricket, must work towards selecting at least three black African players who shall play in at least four of the six (66%) of the matches at any tournament. This will come into force during the 2014/15 season. 

“It is encouraging to see our coaches, players and administrators support the drive for accelerated transformation, which has culminated in these practical decisions,” said Haroon Lorgat, CSA’s chief executive. 

“The CSA Board has also supported a recommendation from the Cricket committee to implement a more flexible player loan agreement to facilitate the development of black African players. This is currently being drafted in consultation with the South African cricketers Association (SACA),” added Lorgat.

The Board also agreed to monitor the quality of opportunity, performance and progress made by black African players in the domestic competitions during the 2013/14 season before considering any further proposals for next season. 

In dealing with various committee and other reports, the Board stressed the importance of good corporate governance and ethical behaviour.  With this in mind the Board made the following decisions: 

  • Declared a dispute with its Affiliate, South Western Districts Cricket Board, who had failed to implement a CSA Board directive to lift the suspension of the Pacaltsdorp United Cricket Club (PUCC) with immediate effect and to reinstate the full participation of PUCC in all its activities and programmes.  In this regard, the CSA Board mandated its Chief Executive to seek urgent resolution or to refer the matter to arbitration, if necessary. 


  • All Affiliate and Associate Members must align their Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) with that of CSA by no later than 30 April 2014, the last day of CSA’s next financial year end.  Members failing to comply will be reported to the 2014 CSA AGM for possible sanction.


  • To withdraw from Eastern Province Cricket as soon as the new office-bearers are elected on October 26, 2013.


“It is clear that this Board will demand high standards of good governance from itself and from all its Members,” stated Lorgat. 

“This will ensure confidence in the administration of cricket,” added Lorgat.


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