CSA requests ICC to withdraw draft proposal
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Monday, 20 January 2014

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CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) today requested the International Cricket Council (ICC) to withdraw the draft proposal emanating from the ICC Finance & Commercial Affairs Commercial Rights working group to allow for a more consultative and Constitutionally-ordained process to take place.

The official response of CSA to the draft proposal follows the weekend joint session of CSA’s Board of Directors and the Members’ Forum.


“Without addressing the merits of the proposal insofar as it concerns Constitutional amendments and changes to ICC competitions, these proposals should first be referred to the relevant ICC committees or sub-committees for proper consideration and to make recommendations to the ICC Board,” wrote CSA President, Chris Nenzani, in a letter to ICC President, Mr. Alan Isaac.


Mr. Nenzani is also chairman of the CSA Board of Directors.


The letter has been copied to all full members of the ICC.


“Although there is nothing to prevent a review of the ICC funding model or finances, the proposal self-evidently is inextricably tied up with a fundamental restructuring of the ICC, which has far-reaching Constitutional implications.


“The draft proposal is, therefore, fundamentally flawed as regards the process and, therefore, in breach of the ICC Constitution.


“In the circumstances we propose that the draft proposal be withdrawn immediately given that the proper procedures have not been followed.


“In our respectful opinion, a more considered, inclusive/consultative, and properly Constitutionally-ordained approach is required.”


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