CSA welcomes arbitration ruling
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Monday, 10 February 2014

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CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) today welcomed the outcome of the arbitration process between Eastern Province Cricket and various affiliated clubs.

“Following a largely unnecessary and costly process, we welcome the arbitration rulings of Judge Frank Kroon and will now implement these,” commented CSA Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat.

Judge Kroon handed down the following order inter alia:

(a)                     The election of persons to the board of Eastern Province Cricket NPC at the adjourned annual general meeting on 26 October 2013 is declared invalid and is set aside.

(b)                    The chief executive officer of Eastern Province Cricket NPC is directed to reconvene an annual general meeting on 30 business days’ written notice to all members of Eastern Province Cricket NPC, for the sole purpose of electing persons to the board of Eastern Province Cricket NPC.

(c)                     All persons previously nominated for election to the board, including Graeme Barrymore Sauls, David John Callaghan, Gary Paul, Richard Dolley and Gary Anthony Dolley, shall be eligible for election to the positions for which they were nominated.

“CSA will immediately oversee the administrative responsibilities which will include the Test Match starting on 20 February until a new board is elected,” added Mr Lorgat. “We have appointed Mr Max Jordaan (CSA Transformation & Relationship Manager) as the interim administrator in line with article 10.6 of our MOI.

“We thank Judge Kroon for finally bringing this matter to a close,” concluded Mr. Lorgat.


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