CSA President briefing to Media
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Tuesday, 11 February 2014

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There are three specific issues that I would like to address:

1)      Corporate Governance. We have protected our status and rights as a full member of the ICC and the new accepted proposal has also protected the constitution of the ICC. Once the interim period is over, the chairmanship will be subjected to a proper democratic vote. The new Exco and Financial and Commercial Affairs Committee with both have to report directly to the Board and their recommendations – that is what they are – will either be confirmed or rejected by the Board, again by a full democratic vote. The Board also still has to give both committees their terms of reference.

Merit has also been accepted without any conditions as the only deciding factor regarding promotion and relegation from Test cricket.

It has also been agreed that all full members will fulfil bilateral playing agreements with one another that will be legally enforceable.

2)      Financial security. The new agreement guarantees our ability over the next eight years both to sustain our cricket and to grow it further. It hardly needs emphasizing that our extensive development programmes are vital to our vision and that there is much still to be done to ensure equality of opportunity and a level playing field for every South African citizen. This commitment to fair play is central to the whole ethos of cricket.

3)      The Proteas. It was indeed heartening to hear from other delegates how highly the Proteas are rated and the desire of all other countries to play against us. We have either completed or are in the process of finalising bilateral agreements for our future tours programme. It will open the way for our world-leading Proteas to play four-match and possibly even five-match Test series and this is something that our Media and public have been demanding for some time.

In conclusion I would just like to correct the misleading perception that we changed our vote at the last moment. That is not the case. I exercised our vote in terms of the mandate given to me by my fellow Board members and the Members’ Forum at our joint sitting on February 1. This was also attended by representatives of the South African Cricketers’ Association and SASCOC as observers to make it an all-inclusive process. We did not form alliances or cut deals with any other country. I did attend a meeting with the representatives of Sri Lanka and Pakistan ahead of the meeting so that they were aware of our position.

What we have achieved is not the ideal outcome but it is the best possible one that was available to us both for our own future and that of the global game.

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