CSA congratulates Samson and Reddy
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Tuesday, 25 March 2014

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CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) today congratulated Andrew Samson on being named Statistician and Historian of the Year for 2013 by the prestigious Association of Cricket Statisticians (ACS).

He follows in the footsteps of another South African, Krish Reddy, who won the award in 2006.

“Andrew is the official statistician of Cricket South Africa and we take great pride in this world-class achievement,” commented CSA Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat. “He has been ever present in this role since South Africa returned to international cricket.

“Andrew is renowned not just for his accurate work but for the speed with which he is able to respond to even the most obscure requests for information. He is another world-class South African on the international stage.

“Krish’s work also made a huge contribution to the history of the game as, without his meticulously kept records, the world would never have become aware of the two hundred plus first-class cricketers who played under the banner of the South African Cricket Board of Control (SACBOC) and its successor, the South African Cricket Board (SABC), between 1971 and 1991, as well as the tournaments played under SACBOC in the previous decades.

“This work is obviously particularly important in the South African context.”

Samson’s citation reads as follows:

“An ACS member since 1980, he has been a radio and TV scorer/statistician for the past 25 years and Cricket South Africa’s official statistician for the last 20. He has also acted as official statistician at four global ICC events, and as scorer/statistician for Test Match Special on several recent England tours, as well as supplying South African statistics to Wisden.

“Andrew’s most notable achievement is his creation of a database containing scorecards of all first-class, List A and Twenty20 matches, and his ability to run queries and extract pertinent information while scoring. Through his versatility, he has raised the standard of the media scorer/statistician to a new level: combining diligent pre-match preparation with an ability to spot the interesting and unusual, he offers statistical observations that genuinely inform the listener, adding context and insight. His work shows how statistics can be part of the story, not just a footnote to it. But, like a good umpire, he gets things right without trying to become the centre of attention.

“If we want the public to get a good impression of what a cricket statistician is and can do, then Andrew would be the role model.”

Reddy achieved his award for the work he did – often in very difficult circumstances – in obtaining details about the 223 non-racial matches staged during the apartheid era and now declared first-class.

At the time of the award he commented:

“I am delighted in being the recipient of such a prestigious accolade, and am particularly pleased for all those cricketers, almost all of whom I saw play and several of whom I knew personally, whose efforts on the field I have had the pleasure of researching and recording.

‘It does my heart glad to know that at long last their performances have been recognised by the rest of the cricketing world, and for this I am indebted to the Association, and more particularly to two members, namely Andrew Samson and Robin Isherwood. These two gentlemen have been kind enough to scrutinize my work with meticulous precision. Their professional approach has enabled the work of an amateur enthusiast to be presented in an acceptable form for publication in the South African Cricket Annual.”


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