CSA Awards Heritage Blazers
Posted by: CSA Staff on Friday, 6 June 2014

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CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) will recognise every player who has represented South Africa by bestowing special Heritage Blazers.  The first 10 inductees were bestowed at the CSA Awards Banquet in Sandton on Wednesday evening. 

The Heritage Blazer came into being following a resolution at last year’s Transformation Indaba which was subsequently approved by the CSA Board. The idea is to honour players who were awarded national colours by their respective federations in the period before unity. 

In the apartheid years before unity there were ten Federations that administered cricket in South Africa. The federations were: the South African Cricket Board of Control (SACBOC), the South African African Cricket Board (SAACB), the South African Coloured Cricket Association (SACCA), the South African Indian Cricket Union (SAICU), the South African Malay Cricket Board (SAMCB), the South African Cricket Board (SACB), the South African Cricket Association (SACA), the South African Cricket Union (SACU), the South African and Rhodesian Women’s Cricket Association (SARWCA) and the South African Women’s Cricket Association (SAWCA). 

The first 10 recipients to be honoured are: Sam Bulbulia (SACBOC), Samuel Nontshinga (SAACB), Bert Erickson (SACCA), Thoplan Parsuraman (SAICU), Hashim Rasdien (SAMCB), Saait Magiet (SACB), Barry Richards (SACA), Garth le Roux (SACU), Denise Weyers (SARRWCA) and Denise Reid (SAWCA). 

“Our past history is real and we must have the courage to acknowledge it,” commented CSA Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat. “The important point though is that all our cricketers must now belong to one family and unite behind Cricket South Africa.  

“We have identified about 700 players who represented South Africa before unity and we will bestow the Heritage Blazer to all 75 living players in the near future.”

The new Heritage Blazers will have the standard CSA badge on the pocket with the simple designation of the Board the players represented – for example, South Africa SACB or South Africa SACU - and their debut year under it.


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