CSA, KFC launch multi-lingual coaching videos
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Friday, 4 July 2014

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The first day of the seventeenth-annual KFC Mini-Cricket seminar saw the launch of the programme’s first multi-lingual coaching videos. In addition to the standard English videos, languages for the new coaching videos include isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sotho and Afrikaans. This new innovation was introduced to assist co-ordinators in spreading their knowledge further and to more coaches and volunteers in their first language, which will make learning and teaching easier.

This improvement is in line with Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) vision of making cricket a truly national sport of winners and accessible to all.

“I’m very excited about the launch of this new product,” CSA Coaching Manager, Anton Ferreira said. “It will add so much more to the quality of our coaching, which will ultimately add to the quality of the programme and will produce better cricketers. A good coach knows that there are different learning preferences when it comes to different people. This DVD speaks to all those preferences and appeals to all of our coaches.”

KFC’s CSR & Sponsorship Manager, Lauren Turnbull is excited by this new and improved way of getting the KFC Mini-Cricket message out to more players, volunteers and coaches.

“I believe the launch of the multi-lingual DVDs is something that will benefit all the coaches on the ground,” she said. “To try and coach players and introduce new coaches to a sport in a language that is not their own is difficult in some instances. Launching a multi-lingual DVD will be fantastic in aiding the coaches to remain committed, motivated and dedicated to getting kids across South Africa active through the mini-cricket programme.”

The seminar, which is taking place at Fish River Sun in Port Alfred is a two-day event which will see a review of the previous season and new plans for the upcoming season reinforced. The 154-strong delegation is made up of the various mini-cricket coaches and co-ordinators from around the country, joined by members of KFC and CSA.

CSA Chief Executive, Mr Haroon Lorgat said: “As we move into the new season, our shared vision remains to get more kids in South Africa to lead active lifestyles through the KFC Mini-Cricket programme, and we are looking to continue to build upon the positive momentum generated over the course of the very successful 2013/2014 season which saw more kids than ever getting active across South Africa.”



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