First ever away kit for Provincial Cricket
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Tuesday, 12 August 2014

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The Unlimited Titans have once again pioneered a new concept – and have become the first South African provincial cricket team to sport an away kit. The colourful garb swaps out the traditional Titans blue in support of The Unlimited Child, an early childhood development initiative.


The fun-loving purple kit will be worn at all away games including any semi- and finals matches played by the team in the upcoming domestic cricket season.


According to The Unlimited Titans CEO, Jacques Faul, the team had been toying with the idea of an away kit for some time. It was not until their new sponsor, The Unlimited, introduced the concept of a greater purpose behind the kit, that it all started falling into place. “When they brought us the idea of building awareness for The Unlimited Child, an early childhood development initiative, we jumped at the opportunity. The away kit confirms that The Unlimited Titans are not only one of the powerhouses on the South African domestic cricket scene, but one of the trendsetters too,” Faul says.


The Unlimited Titans coach, Rob Walter, says that the team is excited about The Unlimited Child initiative and believes that the purple kit will resonate with its fans. “The away kit will be instantly recognisable for Tshwane, the jacaranda city, and we believe this will further connect our fans and the team.


The away kit is indicative of The Unlimited’s approach to its sponsorships. The company is actively involved in its partnership with the Titans and through this, it aims to bring new facets to the game of cricket. Steph Bester, CEO of The Unlimited and Chairman of The Unlimited Child explains: “When we partnered with the Titans, we promised exciting changes for the team and world of domestic cricket. The new away kit is a great example of how well our teams are working together.” “It extends our sponsorship of the team and combines it with our passion for making a difference to our country through early childhood development.


The immense lack of early childhood development (ECD) throughout South Africa has always been a pressing concern and was the reason for establishing The Unlimited Child. Serious intervention is needed to put the spotlight on the massive socio-economic impact this can have for future generations.


“The state of early childhood development in South Africa is shocking as it’s estimated that there are more than 6-million preschool children in this country that receive little or no proper stimulation. Unless children between the ages of 0 and 6 years old are exposed to effective stimulation, their potential in life is seriously affected and they are destined to a life of poverty,” says Bester.


The Unlimited Child provides hands-on practical training, specially developed educational toys and ongoing support, enabling caregivers in underprivileged crèches to give children the stimulation they need to achieve their potential.


The Unlimited Child has already reached more than 500 crèches, 1400 caregivers and over 48 000 children. Currently, more than 26 000 pre-schoolers are enrolled at these crèches in KwaZulu Natal, the Western Cape and Gauteng. The Unlimited Child aims to replicate the programme in all nine provinces as the impact of this intervention on teaching and learning has proved to be immediate.

“We’re excited that The Unlimited Titans have embraced the work of the Unlimited Child, and have joined us in driving awareness for the great work being done by the organisation,” says Bester. “This exposure will help us expand our footprint in the rest of the country, helping us realise our aim of reaching 20 000 crèches nationally by 2020.”


Established in 2008, The Unlimited Child is a proactive initiative that directly addresses the dire need for early childhood development in South Africa.  The work being done by the organisation is based on studies that have proven that unless children under the age of six years are exposed to the correct inputs such as learning colours and shapes through educational toys, they will never achieve their full potential in life. It is estimated that there are currently more than 6 million children in South Africa, who have little or no exposure to early childhood development.


The Unlimited is tackling this problem by supplying toys specifically designed to develop cognitive and fine motor skills in preschool children, while simultaneously also training caregivers to ensure they know how to maximise the use of the toys. 


Groups of crèches are formed into clusters that function as a support group ensuring that learning amongst the caregivers is continuous. Ongoing learning is achieved through cluster meetings and ensures they do not remain dependent on the sponsor.


By ensuring that every child has the physiological functions necessary for learning, The Unlimited Child lays the foundation for growth, transformation, innovation, opportunity and equality.


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