Statement sent on Behalf of Wayne Parnell
Posted by: Cricket South Africa on Thursday, 28 July 2011

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There has been a lot of speculation in the media recently about my conversion to Islam. Although this is a personal matter for me, for the sake of clarity, I would like to confirm some of the facts.



I converted to Islam in January 2011, after a period of personal study and reflection and it is a faith that I have always been interested in.  



While I have not yet decided on an Islamic name I have considered the name Waleed which means Newborn Son, but for now, my name remains Wayne Dillon Parnell. 



I will continue to respect the team’s endorsement of alcoholic beverages. I am playing cricket in Sussex and this is my immediate focus. As I am approaching my first period of fasting, I ask that this special time is treated with respect. 



I am a young man, a professional cricketer by trade and while I can appreciate and am grateful for the publics’ interest in my personal life, my faith choice is a matter which I would like to keep private.



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