The pride of our cricketing nation lies on the chest of the green and gold. Passion and pride blossom, unwilting in the sun, and standing proud in the wind. These are our committed men and women who wield the willow in defence of our flag. Shoulder to shoulder and back-to-back they take on the world. There is no hesitation in attack. Scant regard for aggression. Respect for competition, admiration for skill and appreciation for integrity. Ball by ball and stroke for stroke, they repel the fiercest competition, outwit attack, deviate any onslaught and methodically advance to victory. Can the pride go any deeper? Will the passion ever subside? They only sweat emotion, deliver commitment, practice humility and project pride. This is the substance of our national teams. The heroes of our nation, dedicated to building the foundation of cricket for generations to come. PURE PROTEA. 100% SOUTH AFRICAN.

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