Marizanne Kapp



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Marizanne Kapp

Nickname (and why you got this name)






Kappie, comes from my surname

Date, month, year of birth



04 January 1990

City and country of birth

 Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Domestic team

Eastern Province

Playing role in the team (specialist bowler/batter/all-rounder)



Batting Style (RHB/LB)



Bowling Style (e.g. RFM)



Specialist fielding position (if applicable)




Boundary Fielder

In 50 words, introduce yourself to the world (e.g. cricketing background, hobbies and interests outside of cricket, other skills, etc)












Grew up watching cricket on tv with my dad, started playing outdoor cricket with the boys when I was 13 years old. It was my biggest dream to one day represent my country in cricket.


I represented my Province in netball, cross country, athletics, biathlon and life saving.

I love shopping, going to the beach, training and spending time with my family.

Do you work or study while playing cricket?





 I will be starting my studies at Unisa in the new year.

What was your most recent performance in a domestic tournament?




I was the top scorer with the bat, took the most wickets with the ball and got the trophy for the best all-rounder as well.

In what year did you first represent your country in a cricket match/series?







Have you represented your country in any other sport before?  When and where?






Relatives who have represented your country in cricket before (list name of relative and relation to you)?




Relatives who have represented your country in any other sport before (list name of relative and relation to you)?




Who is your favourite cricketer, and why?


 Chris Gayle, he is fearless, confident and a match winner


Which international cricketer would you most liken your playing style to, and why?


 I have Nooo idea!


What is your best cricketing moment/performance to date?



Durning this years provincial final, I scored a century and my team won the competition for the second year in a row.



What is the favourite cricket ground you have played on, and why?




Newlands - it has the best view in the world.

Want is your cricketing ambition?




I want to see my team do well and play to our full potentials.

As for my own ambitions (I'd rather not share)


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