Cri-Zelda Brits



First name


Middle name





Name as you are most commonly referred



Nickname (and why you got this name)




 Griz – Short for my name


Date, month, year of birth



City and country of birth

 South AFrica


Domestic team



Playing role in the team



Batting Style



Bowling Style



Specialist fielding position (if applicable)




In 50 words, introduce yourself to the world











 Made my debut 2002 vs India, started playing the game with boys team at primary school. I also play premier league hockey, I enjoy Mountain Biking and Trail Running. I work for Kathea Communications and I am sponsored by Malik.

Do you work or study while playing cricket?





 Work for Kathea Communications as Customer Services Manager

What was your most recent performance in a domestic tournament?



 Scored 210 in the T20 Domestic season for Gauteng and was only dismissed once.


In what year did you first represent your country in a cricket match/series?


 2002 vs India





Have you represented your country in any other sport before?  When and where?



 Yes Action Cricket – 2001 - 2007



Relatives who have represented your country in cricket before?





Relatives who have represented your country in any other sport before?





Who is your favourite cricketer, and why?

 Jacques Kallis – he is consistent and calm



Which international cricketer would you most liken your playing style to, and why?




What is your best cricketing moment/performance to date?

 The first time I heard that I was selected for South Africa.




What is the favourite cricket ground you have played on, and why?



 Lords, It speaks for itself

Want is your cricketing ambition?



 I would like to win a World Cup with my Team

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